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Siouxland Legal Billing Services is a company dedicated to streamlining the process of legal billing and bringing automation and technology to the forefront of the legal profession.

Many attorneys are used to the "pad and paper" operations, and we believe that providing a secure, easy-to-use tool for legal secretaries and attorneys makes good business sense and is a very efficient way of doing business.

Recession Proof!

Or at least as much as you can be these days. Our company is a well oiled machine that thrives because of low overhead and our location in the midwest, where the economy is still thriving. We use only local people for our services and do not farm out our work.

Along with excellent service, we have tradional midwest values. We treat you like you want to be treated. When you become a client of ours, you will be treated as if you are our only client. Guaranteed.

Siouxland Legal Billing Services provides a very unique service to our clients. When you choose SLBS, you will be given an account right here on our website where you will be able to check all billing status, upload your electronic mp3 files for our consumption, correspond with us when necessary and receive full support from our staff.

We give you the option to pay online, change your account information, upload your documents and forms and much more with complete security. We personally guarantee security and confidentiality with all transactions whether they're electronic or paper.

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