The Paperless Plan

Going paperless is the ultimate way to bring your expenses down and your profits up. Some or all of your legal billing services can be done online. Although the final pricing may vary depending on your requirements, the top tier plan includes all of the following:

  • A complete, dynamically driven website where all billing can be entered and delivered to the client.
  • Content management incorporated into the website so that you have complete control of the content.
  • Interactive contact form or other forms.
  • Merchant accounts and secure payment gateway which will accept credit cards, electronic checks or PayPal.
  • Client FTP tool that you can use to store and share documents with your clients or with us.
  • 50 Email accounts

Monthly recurring fees for hosting, merchant account and payment gateway  registration are about $90.  Depending on the exact requirements for the website, building and configuring the site can be about $5000-10,000.  This is a one time fee and includes a complete website with your company information and whatever else you'd like to see on the site.

Your site will pay for itself very very quickly as you see your printing and mailing expenses significantly decrease!


 The Billing Services


Our pricing is based on a flat hourly rate of $35 per hour.  We're not the cheapest and we're not the most expensive.  But we also guarantee 100% satisfaction.  We're so confident that you will be satisfied that we'll offer you a 30-day trial period.  See details here


Pricing and Plans