Once We've made an agreement with you on what services you would like to pursue, we'll then evaluate what will work best for you.


We recommend that you send us your time through our document repository.  When you send us your time, it can be in the form of a text document or a digital recording, such as an mp3 recording.  If you would like to do it this way but are not sure how, we will show you exactly how to do it.  In fact, if the need arises, we can have you share your screen with us and we can help you configure your PC so that it becomes a very simple task to deliver your time to us.  We also give you the option of using an extended voice mail system if you'd prefer.  Whatever you want to do, if it's possible we'll make it happen.


Once we have your time, we will enter it into Time Slips or Tabs and keep your entire billing records in a database which is backed up on a weekly basis.  Should the need arise in the future, we can certainly supply you with an archive of the database.  Our methods are completely secure and no data at any time is compromised.


So now we have all the billing records on our system.  We'll export them in PDF format and allow you to review them by placing them online.  Changes?  Not a problem.  Once you give us the changes, we'll make them and allow you to review them one more time.  Once the billing has your approval, we'll do one of three things:


  • Send them to you so that you can print them and mail them.
  • Print them ourselves and mail them out.
  • If you'd decided to utilize our online billing program, we'll enter them  and send them to the clients, allowing them to use a check, credit card or PayPal.

It's really that simple! 


How it Works