It's all about saving you time and money!

We know, we know. The economy stinks. That may or may not be why you're here. Regardless, Siouxland Legal Billing Services inc. are a group of legal and IT professionals who will in no uncertain terms save you time and money through outsourced legal billing services. Whether you're a single attorney or a staff of 50, we'll design a complete plan to ensure your profitability. Our edge is simple: We not only understand the legal profession, we are IT experts. If your goal is to take all your billing to a paperless level, our web development staff will develop a complete online solution which will allow you to send bills and take payments online, on your very own customized website. Magic? No. Common sense? Yes. Have you noticed how much money your office spends on catridges, paper and postage alone?

Are you in the right place? Answer these questions:

Is your overhead killing your bottom line?
Need help with your billing but you’re reluctant to hire full time help?
Are you losing time dealing with paperwork and billing?
Do you hate paper, printers and excess documentation?

We will engineer a package which will allow you to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of paper billing you do. More expensive to build, but pays for itself very quickly and is very good for the bottom line.

With many options available, we can still save you loads of overhead and free you up to focus on practicing law. Let us demonstrate how our outsourced legal billing services can keep your profit margin soaring!

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